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First off, let me bow before you for offering to write a fic for me! There would be cookies if I knew how to send them. And I'm so sorry this is late!!

I've got a really short list of do-not-wants:
No bodily emissions other than those related to sex.
No vore (the fetishism of eating-people-alive).
No woobie. Please. It makes my head hurt.

Like I said, short list!

Anyway, on to the fun!

A Brother's Price – Wen Spencer

I was recently introduced to this universe and I devoured it from page one. I adore Jerin's sheer spunk and personality, Renn's character, and Halley's devious mind.
I'd love to see Jerin with his wives, maybe him winning over the ones we didn't get to see a lot of in the book.
Or, well, any of the characters, really. This universe is AMAZING.

Wolf in Night – Tara K. Harper

Requested Characters:
Rishte (Wolf in Night), Noriana Ember maDione

It's been so very long since I've read this that I'm looking forward to having an excuse it read it, just in case you decide to write for this fandom. The things Rishte and Ember went through together really struck a chord in me, and I'd love to see something with just the two of them. Not... domestic, per se, but... a little less painful. Or that has a brighter light towards the end of it. Admittedly, this world isn't exactly the happiest place.

The Only thing I really don't want to see for this fandom is deathfic.

The Others – Anne Bishop

Requested Character:
Meg Corbyn

I am blaming a close friend entirely for getting me into this series. Didn't help that Anne Bishop writes it, and I've yet to run into anything by her that I don't at least enjoy.

Anyway... I don't really care what you write, as long as Meg is the focus. Beyond the do-not-wants listed above, I really am happy with anything. I know, not very helpful, but I'm easy to please. There's just such a range of emotions and characters in "The Others" books that the possibilities are nigh on endless.

Serrano Legacy – Elizabeth Moon

Requested Characters:
Herris Serrano, Esmay Suiza

Bwee! I don't know who rec'd this fandom, but if I find out I may have to hug them.
There's just so much to do in this fandom. Action, silliness; anything, really. Dark-fic, light-fic... have fun.


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